Ringtone - As Good As It Gets

Today, I thought of blogging one of my ringtones, which I often compose around my favorite tunes in my nokia 2300 mobile. I hope to do it frequently as I compose more and more. However, before publishing it, the problem which was bugging me is "the format" in which i would post my ringtone. Different mobiles accept ringtones in different formats (and this should be clear when you download ringtones with compatibility tags).. multiple times i have sent sm ringtones to friends and what they received was JUNK and NOT the ringtones :( anyway, i researched through net and i found this detail quite sufficient and with an inbuilt tool..

This link not only describes multiple formats, but also gives a very handy tool to convert ringtone from one text format to another. As described, there are three common formats : Nokia Composer, Nokring and Keypress. I'm handy with Nokia Composer format only.

well.. coming back to the one I'm posting here, this is one of the very simple but sweet and touching ringtones i have composed on my cell.. i hav watched As Good As It Gets as many times that i remember its all scenes and this music is inherent part of the movie which is almost always played throughout the movie.. type them on ur cell and enjoy.. its worth to keep it..

Format : Nokia Composer
Tempo : 160 BPM
Charactors limit : 50
2#a2 2#g2 4#d2 4f2 2#f2 2#a2 2#g2 4#d2 4f2 2#f2 2#g2 2#f2 4#a1 4b1 2#c2 2#g2 2#f2 4#a1 4b1 2#c2 4#a2 4#a2 4#g2 4#a2 4#d2 4f2 2#f2 4#a2 8b2 8#a2 2#g2 4.#d2 8f2 2#f2 2#g2 2#f2 4#a1 4b1 2#c2 4#g2 8#a2 8#g2 4#f2 4#g2 4#a1 4b1 2#c2

Here, I have used the same link (above) to put this in different formats.

Format : RTTTL
d=4,o=6,b=160:2a#,2g#,d#,f,2f#,2a#,2g#,d#,f,2f#,2g#,2f#,a#5,b5,2c#, 2g#,2f#,a#5,b5,2c#,a#,a#,g#,a#,d#,f,2f#,a#,8b,8a#, 2g#,d#.,8f,2f#,2g#,2f#,a#5,b5,2c#,g#,8a#,8g#,f#,g#,a#5, b5,2c#

Format : Keypress
Tempo: 160
69#* 5# 28# 4 49# 6# 5# 28# 4 49# 5# 4# 68#** 7 19#* 5# 4# 68#** 7 19#* 68# 6# 5# 6# 2# 4 49# 68# 78 6# 599# (2)8# 48 499# 5# 4# 68#** 7 19#* 58# 68# 5# 49# 5# 6#** 7 19#*

Even though keeping mp3 as ringtones is quite common today, good tunes are always special to keep :)

Review : Good Will Hunting is A True Inspirational Movie

Good Will Hunting is about inspiration. Its about the "good" before
"will hunting" which says every man is good, and he has got his
history, and its all about bringing that "good" from a human being. Its
about the connection between teacher and student, doctor and patient,
father and son. 10/10.

This story is kinda mystery,
the more it unfolds the more it leaves for
you to see and imagine. I liked the way it started, u know kids
fighting and drinking and wooing girls blah blah, but it takes u for a
ride when Robin Williams, which I felt was the best puller of the
movie, comes into picture. Not surprising that he appears first while
listing the cast, even though he appears among the lasts actually in
the movie.

Its about relationships. Its about friendship between Will and Chuckie.
Its about love between Skylar and Will. Gerald and Sean are old
friends, though they fight over silly principles and beliefs. Its about
those fights. Will had no future before he met a mentor like Sean. Its 
about that bond. When Sean says "Good Luck, Son!", it means the depth
of that teacher-student relationship.

Everyone of the cast has done their jobs beautifully. Matt as Will is
like a true brat, but smart, genius at the same time. Ben is wonderful.
Wish everyone has a friend like him. Skylar is a smart girl, at the
same time longing for love. She is beautiful too. Gerald the professor
is really good in all of his work. Of course reminds me of college
days. But the person who steals the show is Sean, played by Robin
Williams. I liked him so much that I read a lot about him, probably I
would check out his other movies too.

All this tells u is "We have got answers for every damn question in
others life, but what is more important is to get answers for those
questions, when Its My Life!"

Favorites (Dec07)

  1. Tumse hi - Mohit Chauhan - Irshad Kamil - Pritam - Jab We Met
  2. Sadho Re - Agnee
  3. Kabira - Agnee
  4. Aami Je Tomar - Shreya Ghosal - Sameer - Pritam - Bhool Bhulaiya
  5. Hare Ram Hare Krishna - Neeraj Sridhar - Sameer - Pritam - Bhool Bhulaiya
  6. Happy Days - Mickey Meyer - Happy Days
  7. Ajab Si - Kay Kay - Javed Akhtar - Vishal Shekhar - Om Shanti Om
Some Comments :-
  • Initially I ignored Jab We Met album, but later on my bro's insistence, I listened again and I just felt how terribly I missed the Tumse Hi track there. Though I have seen movies twice, I didnt notice the song (probably due to pathetic picturisation of the same.. i really didnt like the video).. more than music I liked the lyrics (thanks to Irshad Kamil).. na hai yeh paana.. na khona hi hai.. tera na hona jaane.. kyun hona hi hai.. just beautiful.. of course mauja mauja is good number, but its just good..
  • The whole Agnee album is beautiful.. I first listened to Agnee when my friend Umesh forwarded the two songs Sadho Re and Kabira and insisted on listening.. I listened it almost after a fortnight (I just forgot, sorry umi).. but I liked it immediately.. I liked both of them, and hav recommended the same to many many of my friends..
  • I am having a liking for pritam's compositions now.. Bhool bhulaiya would be another awesome track I have listened to many times after I first heard in the movie.. I heard Hare Ram Hare Krishna song is a hit and many friends asked me to listen to it.. but as usual I kept my laziness on and heard quite late (I dont have TV at home and I dont listen to radio, so usually I miss new numbers).. anyways the song which haunted me longer was actually Aami Je Tomar, initially sung in Bengali and later in Hindi (also based on an old Manna Dey song).. I liked it so much that I felt if I were also haunted by the lady ghost :P lol.. I also liked Labon Ko and Lets Rock Soniye..
  • now you can guess my obvious resistance to listening to telugu music.. no not becuz its not good or its closeness to western beats n numbers, bt mainly due to my many gult friends who keep bugging me abt the bollywood saga vs tollywood saga.. neway this song, Happy Days, I first listened from a gult friend but quite casually, and had forgotton. Quite later I was just sitting with another gult, and just to timepaas, shared his earphones to whatever he was listening.. not to wonder I liked it this time so much that I heard this track again n again (may be much to the frustration of my friend:D).. this track is solo sort of.. awesome.. dont know the singers name.. can sm1 post?
  • no doubt I liked Ajab Si right form the beginning I heard it.. though I knew Dard-e-Disco was going to chartbuster, but the melody Kay's voice gives in Ajab Si is beautiful.. I loved the lyrics and picturization as well.. its a hit anyway..
Hope my favs are yours too.

Guru - Music from AR Rehman

Guru @ MusicIndiaOnline.com

I bet you have not listened to Guru's songs yet.. another good composition from AR Rehman, Maniratnam and ofcourse our dear Gulzar..

I listened first to "Barso Re" for obvious reasons (that its getting great comments).. and its surely the tune to hang up in the mind.. what an effort from shreya to sing in wonderful way (like sunidhi did in chameli).. I'm eagerly waiting to see the video which is definitely going to be a major dance flick ;-)

..but the ram-taara ram-taara effect is what we call divine music.. was that harmonium in background? It just struck to my ear for 5 secs and I knew its THE song I'd listen for days now.. Aye Hairate Aashique absolute piece of marvel work.. soothing music just rhythms with your heart beats.. and on other note a beautiful ghazal greatly sung by Hariharan and supported by Alka.. Hari simply rocks.. and so does Gulzar..

..listen to Mayya maryem also and Ek lo ek muft .. they are good too :)

PS : sry for the mistake of putting javed before.. I read it in some review i guess

Urzu Urzu Durkut

I heard this song long back, liked it and forgot.

Some days back I saw its video on TV, and i just liked it even more! Now i realise that it has to be my one of most favorite songs! Its lyrics (gulzar), its music director (shantanu) its singer (shreya) its video crew (mitisha) and the context of the video (when it starts in movie).. everything is so beautifully done tat it luks one of the best snogs ever made!

Even though I never heard of the words "Urzu Dorkut" I realised that its Kashmiri (or close to urdu) and also that it means something cute. Only realising later, that it really means wonderful, and suits so much in the context of the song!

Orzu Dorkut is a Kashmiri Word which means "Long live with standing on your legs firm"! Yes, that's the real meaning; which further means... "Live healthily with your own support throughout".

Wonderful, isnt it? ;-)

You may listen this song here :

Here is the lyrics of song

Chhan se bole, chamak ke jab charar le
Khwab dekha, hai aankh ka khumar bole
Khwab chhalke, to aankh se tapak ke bole
Jharna chhalke, to pura aabshaar bole
Urzu, Urzu Durkut!
Urzu, Urzu Durkut!
La La La, La La La
Urzu, Urzu Durkut!

Hare khwab ki hari chudiyan,
Kalai mein kisne bhari chudiyan,
Uthi neend se, chali aayi main,
Saath hi aa gayi meri chudiyan

Aankh bole, ki khwab khwab khelte raho
Roz koi ek chand belte rahe ho
Chand tute to tukde tukde bant lena
Bole pahiya, hai raat din dhakelte raho

Urzu, Urzu Durkut!
Urzu, Urzu Durkut!
Urzu, Urzu Durkut!
Urzu, Urzu Durkut!


Rafi vs Kishore

Rafi and Kishore : Whose better

There are 2 words - Great and Popular. The sysnonym for the first is Rafisaab and for the second is Kishore. I never understand how can Rafi and Kishore be compared. The first reason can be the period those 2 worked. As Kishore came later and became popular due the different kind of songs he sung than Rafisaab.
These 2 can be compared on few points:
Versatility: When Rafisaab sung for some actor, it never appeared that Rafi is singing, but the actor is. And there was no limit on who the acotr is. Few classic examples are Shammi, Rajender Kumar, Johny Walker, Dilipsaab, Dev, Amitabh. But when KK sung even for Rajesh Khanna, the voice always sounded as Kishore's.
Type of songs: Rafisaab had no limits of what kind of song he could sing.
Range of voice: Rafisaab had definitely better.
When Rafisaab sung, it always sounded like he's singing from heart while in case of Kishore it was just throatal. Try singing any song by these and you'd feel the difference.
Clarity: Each word in a Rafi song is crystal-clear.

As long as only singing is concerned Mukesh or Manna Dey were better option to compare with Rafi. We listen Kishore Kumar's song , while we feel Rafi's song by heart.Rafi was a playback singer for Shammi Kapoor, Dilip Kumar to Rajesh Khanna, Bachhan, while Kishore Kumar was mainly a singer for Bachhan and Rajesh Khanna. Rafi is for all generation while Kishore Kumar is mainly for young generation. Rafi's voice was more sweeter than Kishore. Kishore came in 50s, so more or less they were contemporary, but he had to wait for RD to come. No doubt that Kishore Kumar was a great singer and we enjoy lot of his songs. But we simply can not compare him with Rafi.
Rafi is Rafi !!!!!!!!

Perhaps these two citings from Rafi thread on orkut clearly speaks how different two personalities were.
Rafisaab is (yes IS, cuz he will always be alive in our hearts!) a classical singer, while Kishore da is just another. Kishore's pattern of singing is quite similar to Manna Dey, but again Manna Dey is a classical singer, Kishore isnt. However, there are lot of reasons for popularity for Kishore da, mainly due to RD and his lively nature to sing funny songs. If I see variety, I find more in kishore da's and less on Rafisaab, whose voice was naturally romantic. And I love to say that, cause I love to sing his every song and feel the romanticism in it, the beauty of voice which pours the feelings inside (even if its not there!). I love the depth Rafisaab goes into for any song, be it sad or romantic or a classical or bhakti! That depth is unmatched with anybody (ofcourse, you may compare him with legends like Manna Dey, Hemant Da and Talat, but actually I would say they all were legends, and hence Uncomparable!)