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I bet you have not listened to Guru's songs yet.. another good composition from AR Rehman, Maniratnam and ofcourse our dear Gulzar..

I listened first to "Barso Re" for obvious reasons (that its getting great comments).. and its surely the tune to hang up in the mind.. what an effort from shreya to sing in wonderful way (like sunidhi did in chameli).. I'm eagerly waiting to see the video which is definitely going to be a major dance flick ;-)

..but the ram-taara ram-taara effect is what we call divine music.. was that harmonium in background? It just struck to my ear for 5 secs and I knew its THE song I'd listen for days now.. Aye Hairate Aashique absolute piece of marvel work.. soothing music just rhythms with your heart beats.. and on other note a beautiful ghazal greatly sung by Hariharan and supported by Alka.. Hari simply rocks.. and so does Gulzar..

..listen to Mayya maryem also and Ek lo ek muft .. they are good too :)

PS : sry for the mistake of putting javed before.. I read it in some review i guess

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  1. it's not by javed akhtar, it's by gulzar. by the way, guru rocks.

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  2. True Shaurabh. The Music Rocks..personally I won't give 5 star for the whole album. But 5 star for "hey Hairate.." ..Awesome Melody

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  3. yup.. Guru can only be called above average.. but i wont call it superb one from AR Rehman.. but Aye Hairate stands out.. beatifully composed..

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