Favorites (Dec07)

  1. Tumse hi - Mohit Chauhan - Irshad Kamil - Pritam - Jab We Met
  2. Sadho Re - Agnee
  3. Kabira - Agnee
  4. Aami Je Tomar - Shreya Ghosal - Sameer - Pritam - Bhool Bhulaiya
  5. Hare Ram Hare Krishna - Neeraj Sridhar - Sameer - Pritam - Bhool Bhulaiya
  6. Happy Days - Mickey Meyer - Happy Days
  7. Ajab Si - Kay Kay - Javed Akhtar - Vishal Shekhar - Om Shanti Om
Some Comments :-
  • Initially I ignored Jab We Met album, but later on my bro's insistence, I listened again and I just felt how terribly I missed the Tumse Hi track there. Though I have seen movies twice, I didnt notice the song (probably due to pathetic picturisation of the same.. i really didnt like the video).. more than music I liked the lyrics (thanks to Irshad Kamil).. na hai yeh paana.. na khona hi hai.. tera na hona jaane.. kyun hona hi hai.. just beautiful.. of course mauja mauja is good number, but its just good..
  • The whole Agnee album is beautiful.. I first listened to Agnee when my friend Umesh forwarded the two songs Sadho Re and Kabira and insisted on listening.. I listened it almost after a fortnight (I just forgot, sorry umi).. but I liked it immediately.. I liked both of them, and hav recommended the same to many many of my friends..
  • I am having a liking for pritam's compositions now.. Bhool bhulaiya would be another awesome track I have listened to many times after I first heard in the movie.. I heard Hare Ram Hare Krishna song is a hit and many friends asked me to listen to it.. but as usual I kept my laziness on and heard quite late (I dont have TV at home and I dont listen to radio, so usually I miss new numbers).. anyways the song which haunted me longer was actually Aami Je Tomar, initially sung in Bengali and later in Hindi (also based on an old Manna Dey song).. I liked it so much that I felt if I were also haunted by the lady ghost :P lol.. I also liked Labon Ko and Lets Rock Soniye..
  • now you can guess my obvious resistance to listening to telugu music.. no not becuz its not good or its closeness to western beats n numbers, bt mainly due to my many gult friends who keep bugging me abt the bollywood saga vs tollywood saga.. neway this song, Happy Days, I first listened from a gult friend but quite casually, and had forgotton. Quite later I was just sitting with another gult, and just to timepaas, shared his earphones to whatever he was listening.. not to wonder I liked it this time so much that I heard this track again n again (may be much to the frustration of my friend:D).. this track is solo sort of.. awesome.. dont know the singers name.. can sm1 post?
  • no doubt I liked Ajab Si right form the beginning I heard it.. though I knew Dard-e-Disco was going to chartbuster, but the melody Kay's voice gives in Ajab Si is beautiful.. I loved the lyrics and picturization as well.. its a hit anyway..
Hope my favs are yours too.

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