Review : Good Will Hunting is A True Inspirational Movie

Good Will Hunting is about inspiration. Its about the "good" before
"will hunting" which says every man is good, and he has got his
history, and its all about bringing that "good" from a human being. Its
about the connection between teacher and student, doctor and patient,
father and son. 10/10.

This story is kinda mystery,
the more it unfolds the more it leaves for
you to see and imagine. I liked the way it started, u know kids
fighting and drinking and wooing girls blah blah, but it takes u for a
ride when Robin Williams, which I felt was the best puller of the
movie, comes into picture. Not surprising that he appears first while
listing the cast, even though he appears among the lasts actually in
the movie.

Its about relationships. Its about friendship between Will and Chuckie.
Its about love between Skylar and Will. Gerald and Sean are old
friends, though they fight over silly principles and beliefs. Its about
those fights. Will had no future before he met a mentor like Sean. Its 
about that bond. When Sean says "Good Luck, Son!", it means the depth
of that teacher-student relationship.

Everyone of the cast has done their jobs beautifully. Matt as Will is
like a true brat, but smart, genius at the same time. Ben is wonderful.
Wish everyone has a friend like him. Skylar is a smart girl, at the
same time longing for love. She is beautiful too. Gerald the professor
is really good in all of his work. Of course reminds me of college
days. But the person who steals the show is Sean, played by Robin
Williams. I liked him so much that I read a lot about him, probably I
would check out his other movies too.

All this tells u is "We have got answers for every damn question in
others life, but what is more important is to get answers for those
questions, when Its My Life!"

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